Popular MDF Skirting Board Colours

Almost every home has them and they’re normally painted the same colour. That’s right – skirting boards and they’re normally white.

Types Of Paint

First, we’ll quickly talk about the types of paint that you can use.

Gloss Paint

This is the most popular choice for painting skirting boards.

It’s hardwearing, has a high sheen finish and it easy to clean.

Satin Paint (Also Known As Satinwood)

This is fast becoming another popular choice when painting woodwork like skirting boards.

With advancements in technology, some brands claim to be as hardwearing as gloss. However, it doesn’t have much as a sheen as Gloss.

Eggshell Paint

This is the least popular when it comes to skirting boards.

It has little to no sheen (great for people who love matt colours) and is more durable than the cheaper alternative emulsion.

White Skirting Boards

Skirting Boards Finished In White
Skirting Boards Finished In White

This is by far the most popular choice of colour when it comes to skirting boards. Almost every house you go to will have white skirting boards.

And that’s not a bad thing. It’s popular for a reason and that’s because white goes with almost anything so it would be hard to clash with other colours in the house.

White is also readily available in all kinds of paint so you won’t have trouble getting hold of any.

It’ll most likely save you a bit of money too as white is generally cheaper than other colours on the market.

Grey Skirting Boards

Grey Skirting Boards
Grey Skirting Boards

Grey is fast becoming another popular colour for skirting boards.

It’s a modern approach and works well in contemporary interiors where bold colours are often used.

Another plus point would be that dirt and imperfections will be harder to notice as grey is generally a dark colour.

It also works well with real wooden floors as seen above.

However, if you do paint your skirting boards grey you’ll have less of a choice with furniture colour and wall finishes. It doesn’t go as well with everything like White!

Same Colour As The Wall

In order to make the ceilings appear taller and the space to feel larger, some people paint the skirting boards the same colour as the walls.

This also helps to draw attention to other aspects of the room other than the skirting. You won’t want to do this if you have ornate skirting as you could be taking away character from the room.

Because the skirting is the same colour as the wall, it blends in which creates the effect of taller ceilings.